Next Step!

Things have been going so well at our church. A year ago we voted on an assistant pastor and we love him and his family so much. John is such a huge help to Larry. Now we have decided to take the next step and hire a youth pastor! We are excited about this opportunity as we begin the search. 

Some other exciting news is that we are starting the process of building a house. Since we have been here we have lived in the parsonage which is owned by the church. Last April we bought a piece of land in hopes that one day we would be able to build our own home. We are so excited about this!! There are so many decisions to make but it's been fun looking at housing plans etc. It feels like yesterday my parents were building their house and I was 13 years old then! So I remember a lot of the process. My biggest request is that it's a one level home. I'm so tired of running up and down the stairs with kids and not having a bathroom in the basement. It took a little convincing Larry to keep it a single story but we will have a basement with bathrooms downstairs which will be nice. 

Right now we have put our townhouse up for sale in NOVA. We've had such a wonderful renter the past two years but the market has slowly crept back so we are good to sell and not lose $$ on it! 

As things progress I will post pictures but summer is here and it's that crazy time of year. Larry leaves for camp on Sunday and my mom is coming to spend a few days with us then in early July he leaves for our missions trip in which I will go to NC during that time and spend it with my parents. Before you know it, it'll be fall-my absolute favorite time of year:)