Another Year!

It's been eight years ago that Larry and I said "I do." This time he's all the way in Trinidad on a missions trip and I'm in NC at my parent's house! So we celebrated before we went our separate ways. I love him and every day am amazed that God gave such an incredible man to me. I can honestly say we don't fight, sure we disagree on things from time to time but he's so wise in handling disagreements and I know it comes from God, so I trust him and know that he always wants best for our family. I don't say that to brag, Larry's done a lot of work on me LOL!! God's done a incredible work on us!!

I pray that God blesses each of our children with a spouse like mine. I pray their love for Christ is like their dad's. May they see our love for one another and want a marriage like ours. 

Two and a half years ago when we were moving to Raphine, we put our house up for rent. It was on the market I believe no longer than a week (but I think it was 3 days). Larry left to go on a missions trip to Papua New Guinea and I was in NC. I got a call from Kent saying we had a renter! So I signed the paperwork and he's been the best renter you could ever ask for! Now just this past week, we put it on the market to sell and two days later, Larry leaves for Trinidad and we get a full price offer! I signed the contract and we close next month. I'm telling this because I believe both times God provided a renter/buyer for us because Larry has such a willing heart for missions. No I don't believe God is calling us to the field but Larry's love for foreign missions is HUGE. I know our Pastor from our previous church had a huge impact on us in that area and I'm so grateful for that. 

                                          Happy 8 years Larry!!! I love you more than ever!!