Almost Summer!

Well, it's almost summer time which is the busiest time for Larry and I - Sedona just gets to stay home with whoever keeps her while we're gone but this time she gets to go on vacation with us! We haven't broken the news to her yet, she gets little too excited so we're waiting until the morning we get up to go! This summer we are going to Pigeon Forge! We decided this time to go somewhere within driving distance so we can save money for our next vehicle. But we got a really nice cabin - if you wanna see it just go to and you'll see it there! It's beautiful and we're looking forward to going the week starting July 3! We will be gone over our anniversary which has worked out every year so far!

The rest of our summer we will be taking our college class to Ecuador for the mission's trip and after that we will be heading to NC to take the little juniors to camp. That's always a nice relaxing time for Larry and I since we just take the kids and well, take naps all week since they're with their counselors the whole time! This picture was from last year at camp in NC.

Remember: One thing I remember from the first year we took the kids (this will be our third time) is we had just gotten back from our honeymoon and went to camp two days later (if I'm remember correctly) we slept so much that week of camp, we would take at least 3 hour naps every day. Sometimes we would take a nap, get up and go eat, then come back and take another nap! That summer was exhausting, while it was fun, I don't ever suggest moving, starting a new job, getting married, going on a missions trip, going to camp and a honeymooning all within an eight month span!