She's an Angel

So I am a bit partial to my dog, I do call her my Angel because to me she's an angel-but to Larry, she's not. My story: Sedona's always full of surprises-I can't imagine what children will surprise me withmbut I'll wait for those! One day I ran home during lunch to grab something to take to Larry at the Verizon store (he was already at the store getting new phones) so I stopped by the house to get my charger to return with my other phone and I knew for some reason the Lord was sending me home that day. We never go home for lunch unless we have to get something. Well, I opened the door seeing that the kennel door was empty, no Sedona! She was running down the stairs to greet me, only knowing that she should have hidden instead of showing her little angel face. As I looked down, there were black paw prints on the wood floor, that wasn't the best part, I proceeded into the living room where the carpet is and found a big black spot with other black spots surrounding it as well as my couch being sprayed by this pen she had chewed to pieces. By this time Sedona had walked off. I called her into the living room, the first time she didn't budge, the second time she budged knowing by the tone of my voice she had better get in there. She walked very slowly into the living room where I was -with her head hanging very low to where I couldn't even see her face. She knew what she had done was SO BAD! Sedona had gotten a hold of a pen, not just any pen, it was the ink pens where you can see the ink inside! This one she found was obviously pretty new, it was full of ink.... notice I said "was" full of ink. We obviously had forgotten to latch her kennel that morning as we were hurrying out the door, she was in it but Larry thought I had latched it and I thought Larry had latched it. What she knew is that neither one of us latched it! She was sitting in her kennel like a little "angel" waiting for us to leave, in her little head I know she was laughing at us! Needless to say, she lost her halo that day! I had no time to clean it up, I just got onto her, got her attention and put her in the kennel and ran off to the store hoping that I wouldn't come home to a dead dog killed by ink poisoning. Needless to say, we still have a big ink spot in our carpet which to this day is still coming out!!!! But, she's still my angel, oh Larry doesn't think so but I do. I'm not sure there's anything she could do change my mind.... then again, she's always full of surprises!!!
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1:41:00 PM
by Larry & Kara Wright (and Sedona too!)
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