Things We Like To Do

Things we like to do in our free time:

1. Take Mission's Trips

2. Watch television series' or rent movies

3. Eat at Costco (I know sounds cheap, it is! But their food is so good!)

4. Eat at Cheesecake Factory-this is my all-time favorite restaurant!

5. So we do like to eat out A LOT-I don't mind cooking but it's something we can do since we have no kids yet!

6. Travel! Although we don't do a lot of it, we like trying new places on our vacation! (I'm hoping for Hawaii our last summer before kids -yikes! Better start saving!)

7. Play tennis

8. Mountain biking

9. Did I mention I like to eat??

10. Go to the gym

11. Go fishing!!


The Wagner Family said...

I love how right after the title you have pics of you guys looking like you may not being having the best time. Nice irony.