My Job

It's so much fun. Especially here at Temple. I thank the Lord every day for bringing me here to Temple. In a way it was an accident that I found out about this job, but the Lord knew what He was doing the whole time! I love how the story goes, so I'm going to write about it.

After I graduated from PCC in 2005, I prayed about where the Lord would have me to serve. I knew I wanted to be in a ministry but at that time, had no husband! So it would make it a little more difficult, but not as difficult as it seemed to me. As I worked through the summer I just decided that I would go back to college and finish my degree in education which I had started before changing over to Office Administration. After applying to a college and finally getting accepted (which was the longest process) I had decided in my head, o.k. I'm going back to school.

At the beginning of the summer I had given my name to PCC's placement office for them to look out for me a job in a Christian school or in a church. I forgot about that until I had gotten an email (after I had gotten accepted into Crown College) asking if I was still looking for a secretarial job. After getting the email from PCC, I was a little disappointed because I had already gotten in my head that I was going back to school, but I gave this church a call just because I thought I would give it a try-yet still wanting to go back to school. To make this long story shorter, I emailed Pastor (which was amazing it went through considering they were having email issues that day) he called my house while I was at work and spoke with my mom wondering how I found out about the job opening. See-no one knew about the job because the secretary before hadn't told anyone except for Pastor that she was wanting to quit and stay home to begin a family yet somehow PCC found out about it, put it on their "job hunt" list and contacted me.

I came for the interview in October of 2005 and moved here the next month. I'm so happy to be a part of such a wonderful, Godly ministry and love working for my Pastor and his wife who Larry and I admire so much. Each day we learn something new, something we can grow from and put on the shelf for when one day we have a ministry of our own. I can honestly say, there is no church like Temple Baptist, I'm not partial, just honest.