Summer coming to an End!

Well all of our summer traveling is over and now back to normal routine for the most part. The only thing we have going on now is remodeling a townhouse just like ours that the church just bought. So Larry, Kenneth and I have been working trying to have it done by this Wednesday before the new teachers move in and so far it's getting done. I have the job of painting and that's about all I can do!

This past week we took the juniors from our church to camp in NC. While we were there we went down the road to a swamp I guess you would call it or a canal and saw alligators. Larry tried touching one but they were too afraid. So here we are, Larry, Darren and I feeding the alligators fritos! Well, I just posed, I didn't want to get my hands dirty.


The Wagner Family said...

The kids think that is so cool! How's the townhouse coming?