Just One of Those Days!

Have you ever had a day where you felt like everything you did was wrong? Today has been one of those. The one that is most aggravating is that I called someone by the wrong name! How embarrassing. It's a lady that is actually one of our neighbors and her and her husband are newly weds and have been visiting our church for a couple of months. Well, today all the ladies from Bible study went out to eat and I sat with her and talked to her the whole time. I was pretty sure her name was Kristy. So when we were leaving, I said "o.k. bye Kristy!" She looked at me and said "my name is Lisa." OH my!!! I was so mad at myself!! Why did I even have to call her a name if I wasn't even sure!!!!!!!!UGHHH! I was so angry at myself! That's terrible, she probably thinks I'm so dumb-I know I do.
Another good one, I left my phone and my keys at home this morning, or so I thought and I HAD TO HAVE MY KEYS! So I ran home and got my phone and pushed the button on my "key finder", yes Larry got me a key finder for my birthday-what a nice gift huh! because I am always losing my keys. Well, as I was pushing the button, my phone rang, it was Larry saying he found my keys there at the church. SO FRUSTRATING!!! As I was driving back to the church, I was thinking "we need to simplify our lives more, someway, somehow, I'm so tired of leaving and losing things". I clean my house on the weekend and by Monday, I feel like it's a disaster! I hate living that way-dishes piling up in the sink, coats, gym clothes laying everywhere because we don't have time to clean it all up in between work, gym and church-and I DON'T EVEN HAVE KIDS-but if I had kids then that means I would be home home day picking up the coats and gym clothes and dishes etc. Anyways, so at times it's frustrating but then I just stop and ask the Lord to help me through it and to help me not get overwhelmed. He knows how much I can handle and He's not going to give me more than I can carry. I know He's teaching me something and I'm going to learn from it.
Well, tomorrow I'm going to decorate the house for Christmas! I'm so excited because this is definitely my favorite time of the year and I have so many decorations for Christmas, it's a lot of fun! So after we get off tomorrow at 12, we'll go grab lunch, run to the gun show, pick my up a gun and run home and start putting up all my stuff! By the way, the gun is for when Larry goes on his missions trip in January, just in case someone decides to pay me a visit, I'll blow them up! Ha!