Water, Water, and MORE Water and our first SNOW!

Oh my, I'm trying to drink more water, well, actually I'm trying to drink water because I am very bad at drinking water. The only time I drink water is when I finish at the gym and I'm dying of thirst-I read that usually means you're dehydrated, oh well, whatever. So I have been drinking so much water lately I feel like I'm drowning in it! One of the reason I don't like drinking it is because I have to run to the bathroom SO much! But anyways, I'm going to see how long I can keep up my water drinking, since I have some accountability here on the blog, maybe I'll do it a little longer than I think. Now! I didn't say that I would give up my diet drinks, maybe the water will make me want less diet drinks, who knows! But they're so cheap here at church! The machine is right down the hallway and a can drink is only .35 cents! What a deal, I can't pass that up!!
SNOW! We saw our first flake of the season today! It was pretty but didn't stick but the good thing is we haven't gotten this early here and long time! Well, not since I've been here. So if it sticks somewhat next time, I'll take a picture of us in it.
Can you believe that we have yet to turn on our heat and we even got some snow? Ha ha. You should see us when we come home and change into our pjs! I haven't ever changed into my pjs so fast in my life! It's freezing! We woke up this morning and in our room, it was 56 degrees!!!!! Sedona freezes to death so we wrap her up in a blanket and she just buries her little nose. It's cute, I should take a picture of that too!