Day #7-Still at Home

You can probably tell how bored I am with all of this blogging and watching movies-I forgot to mention that I haven't been to work since Monday. The school was closed and just the men on the church staff came in-thanks to Mrs. Pittman, she said I didn't have to worry about coming into the office. But I really need to get some work done but it's so icy out there, I don't know if I can make it. Yesterday was fine because it was just dry snow, Sedona went out and it was solid ice! I don't even attempt to drive in that!

UPDATE: It doesn't look like I'm even able to move my vehicle! It's so icy! Gotta find a ride to church for tonight! And someone's got a little cabin fever!

The Sweetest Blog:

There is a blog that I have been keeping up with for about 2-3 months. This person's blog has really encouraged me in making my faith in the Lord stronger. The blog is Kelly's Korner-you can see it in my list on the right. Sorry, I'm slowly learning how to insert stuff and I don't quite know how to do a link for it in my paragraph. I'll get Larry to show me. But, I really encourage you to go and look at it. It's the sweetest thing I have read in a long time. She and her husband has tried for several years to have a baby and they finally got pregnant and she had little Harper two weeks ago this Friday. She was born really sick and for a few days they weren't even sure she would make it. They had no idea this would happen. But through their faith and so many people praying, the Lord is healing her little body. I'll stop there so you can just go back to when she found out she was pregnant and just read her journey through her pregnancy! It's so sweet. I found her blog through another blog friend. There have been 3 people (I think) so far that have accepted Jesus Christ just through seeing their example of faith in the Lord in healing their little Harper. Please cntinue to pray for Harper that she will continue to heal and that Kelly will be able to hold her for the first time real soon!