My 25 things...

1. I have lived in three different states my whole life
2. I wore braces due to a big gap in my two front teeth!
3. I have never stolen. (who came up with that one?)
4. I cut 10 inches of my hair off the day after my previous engagement was broken off
5. I walked home from work for a while to train for the Grand Canyon (another odd one)
6. My parents liked the name Kara Leigh because they found it from a furniture store
7. I wanted to go to beauty school if I didn't go to college (I would still love to!!!)
8. I have over 20 jean skirts! (I know, obsessed) I won't talk about shoes...
9. I haven't eaten breakfast on a normal basis in 12 years
10. I hate disappointing Larry
11. I love to spend time with Larry
12. I love to bake and test it until it's all gone!
13. I have a few close friends outside of our family
14. I want children one day-two more years
15. I change my hair color quite often-although I think I'll stay with blond for a while
16. My husband is too good to me
17. Yes WAY too good
18. I have been to the Bahamas, Ecuador, Mexico, Belize-I'm sure there's more
19. I would love to live in the south again one day-they're just so nice down there!
20. I have an obsession with 2 things: Clothes and anything SWEET!!!!
21. I never thought I would hike the Grand Canyon!
22. My husband and I were married on July 8, 2006-best day of my life after getting saved!
23. I took piano for 8 years
24. I never shot or owned a gun until this past New Years'
25. I have the most beautiful dog in the world!