Fractured Prune

So happy to be together again!

Good stuff... I mean real good

Somebody's happy Larry's home...

This morning (late morning) Larry wanted to take me to a place that one of the guys on the missions trip told him about that was around here. He wouldn't tell me until we got there and even when I saw it, I had never heard of it. But you can pick what donut you want to make up your own and tell them and they make it right there in front of you. Can I just say YUMMY! Oh my goodness, my obsession with sugar is incredible so when he brought me here, I got so excited. They put Krispy Kreme to shame-sorry all you KK lovers-this is way better! Their donuts are cake-like and they come so warm and so good. They have every topping you could imagine. I got three and Larry got three, my favorite was the carnival one but they were all sooooooo good. I'm definitely going back sometime!