Previous Missions Trips Pictures

When Larry got home last night, he told me that when he took his camera out to start taking pictures, there was no memory card and it's not like Okinawa Japan has those floating around everywhere like in the US! So I'll have to snatch a few pics from the other guys to put on here for you.

So I thought I would add a few pictures from our previous missions trips that we have gone on. Since we have been married, we have gone on three together. Our first one being two days after getting back from our honeymoon. That was an adventure! It was to the Bahamas, and no I don't mean to the Sandals resort going around witnessing! This was definitely a missions trip! The second one was to Belize and the third was to Ecuador. I posted just a few pictures for you to see, I have many more but don't want to bore you too much! Hope you enjoy!

Our very first missions trip together as a married couple


Pat said...

Hi Kara,

Paul and I sure enjoyed our lunch together today.

I'm going to enjoy going through your blog as well.

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