My Favorite

Pastor & Mrs. Pittman introduced me to this wonderful ice cream-Blue Bell. Now it's only sold more in the south and over towards Texas way. This past summer when Larry & I were in TN on vacation, we found it in Wal-Mart and decided to try it. This is the best ice cream ever made. If you like homemade ice cream, imagine that with a little bit better taste. It's almost identical! So when we were in FL last week we decided to get some for ourselves (actually we got it at Thanksgiving when we were there but didn't finish it all) and for Pastor & Mrs. Pittman. So we brought back two coolers full of Blue Bell and it was definitely worth it. No matter what flavor you get it in, which I'm partial on just Vanilla but ever flavor it good if it's by Blue Bell. You should try it sometime if you're in the south.