Every Christmas Larry always gives me a hard time about something I get for Christmas-or end up getting too much of! This year, it was shoes. I got 6 pairs of shoes this Christmas and I LOVE THEM ALL! I love shoes, I'm not sure how many pair I actually have, I'll leave that up to Larry to count them since he's on this counting thing and found out the other day while counting that I have over 20 jean skirts. But! That's neither here nor there. Yes, I love clothes, shoes, purses and BLOND HAIR! HA HA. Maybe one day I'll go into detail of why I love clothes SOOOOOO much. I'll leave that one for another blog! But here's one of the pair I got for Christmas, my mama and daddy got them for me and today is the first day I have worn them and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! Thank you Mama and Daddy! Today, I am walking around in the comfort of Flat Shoes!