Cutting Back on Sodas

I feel like I have tried to do this over and over and over and all I end up doing is eating more while trying to cut back on drinks! Well, we know what happens then, you end up gaining weight from cutting back on drinks. Well, I'm here to tell you, I'm not going to do that.

Several times I have tried to drink more water, well that's hard because 99% of my life during the winter time, I am freezing and when I drink water, it makes me cold(so do sodas but it's worth it). The second reason I have failed at drinking a lot of water is because I have to constantly go to the bathroom. Well since I answer the phone for the church and school, that's impossible.

SO THIS TIME I am going to cut back for a different reason, I'm not saying it's going to be easier cause I know it won't be but I am cutting back because I am trying to save all the money we spend on drinks. Larry is a Dr. Pepper addict and I am a Diet Dr. Pepper addict-believe me, that's why we fell in love so fast!! Just kidding! I do have to admit though, that was one of the signs I knew he was the one for me. Back to how much we spend, A LOT! So, we went to Costco this past week, and got $26 worth of drinks and I told Larry that I am going to make that last a whole month (if not more). We bought 48 cans for me and 24 cans for Larry (you can see it all in my pictures from my previous post of cleaning out the frig). Usually I drink about 3-4 cans a day!! YES! I know, my body is probably so brown inside from all of that caffeine! I know it's bad, bad, bad but it's an addiction. But I am going to save a lot of money! The past two days I have only had one.

You want to know when I have that ONE? It's when I come in to work, wait for about an hour to where I am fully awake, go to the soda machine here (which it's only 35 cents! how can you resist that!) and then grab two pieces of dark chocolate (good for your heart) and savor it until it's all gone! I know, I'm crazy.

This is my husband's collection he has started in his office... this is serious stuff.