Can I Borrow Someone's Kids??

This is a great time to have tons of kids-when they help you get good deals and free stuff! Check this one out!

Old Navy: Free $5 coupon per child

Old Navy currently has an in-store deal running where you can pick up a Valentine card at your local store (one per child) and if your child colors it and brings it back by Saturday (February 14, 2009), you'll get a $5 coupon (per Valentine colored) off any purchase.

The $5 coupon can only be used on Valentine's Day, but this could be a great deal for those of you with a few children or more!


Jeremy and Heidi said...

Ok, seriuosly. Do NOT offer to take my kids unless you mean it!!!
HAHAHA! :) That's a pretty cool deal...I'll have to check it out.