Flowers by Kara (and Costco)

The ladies in our church wanted to get Mrs. Pittman flowers and since Larry and I were going to go and see her, I just said that I would pick them up. They wanted something big and nice. I always hate spending all this money at the florist because I think they rip you off for what you get, I don't know, maybe ya'll have gotten better deals than me. So I ran to Costco cause I knew I could get a lot for my money there. You can get a dozen roses for $14.99 there. So I bought 4 separate sets of flowers (Costco only sold these two colors individually) for $35.96! What a deal.I brought them back and threw them in a vase and tied a bow. I want to learn how to make the bows with lots of loops-my mom knows how to, I need to get her to show me. Maybe I can be a florist person when I grow up! Well,never mind!


Jeremy and Heidi said...

Wow...those are so pretty! I think it would be fun to learn how to arrange flowers. :)