Update plus a little extra!

I'm sorry I haven't updated sooner, we were at the hospital all afternoon and just got back! Mrs. Pittman and she's doing great! Her spirits are up and she has accepted that whatever they need to do to get rid of the infection, she is okay with. The doctor will come in tomorrow to see how the infection is and see if she is going to need a third surgery or not. Please pray that she will not need this third surgery. We had a great time with her this afternoon and had a lot of good laughs!

I went to mail a package and the UPS store is pretty close by my favorite fast food restaurant. It's been killing me, the past two days, the only sugar I have had-OH WAIT, it's only been one day, so all day yesterday the only sugar I had was a piece of chocolate. All day today all I had was a piece of chocolate and it was killing me. My stomach was screaming out for more sugar. So I stopped and got a Oreo milkshake. I haven't had one of these in a long time, but for some reason I was craving one! My stomach is very satisfied now!

So did any of ya'll see on the Yahoo headlines today the top 15 stores that aren't going to make it in 2009?? Did you happen to see that Krispy Kreme was one of them? That's because a certain donut shop around here is probably putting them out! Probably because someone keeps going every other day to that new donut shop down the road! (I promise, I haven't gone since Thursday!)

So I've been tagged by a few and I'm with Jessica, I'm not sure I understand the 4th folder 4th picture-maybe I'm not organized enough with all of my photos! I have them eveywhere on several computers-my work one, my husbands laptop at home, his work computer and another laptop I use at home. So I opened my file and grabbed a picture. This was our first Christmas photo card we sent out after we were married!