Day 6 and I'm Dying...

This is day 6 of only having one DDP a day and it's killing me, but I have a whole lot more drinks left in my frig-that's one positive way to look at it. This is the longest I have gone. I'm sure my insides are screaming for more caffeine, but I ain't giving in! Since I'm at home today it's a little harder because I'm not crazy busy like I normally am at work, so it's on my mind more.

This is the depressing sight... only one

Larry had to run to the office to do a couple of things and when he comes home, we're painting the rest of our hall! My parents started on it last summer while we were gone and were able to paint half of it so we'll finish it today. I'm so excited! Then the last room to paint is out guest room and all the painting will be finished! Then we can buy a single family home and do it all over again... that's not exciting....well the buying a home part is but that might be a while.