Wrapping Paper GALORE!!!

I kept meaning to write about this back at New Years but forgot, so here it is today. You can probably say that when I find a good deal, I go nuts! I don't just buy one, I buy A LOT to take advantage of this good deal. What started off with just one simple roll, turned into 45 rolls.

When we were down in Orlando for New Years, we did all the "after Christmas" shopping since a lot of stuff is 75-90% off. We were at Target and I hate paying full price for wrapping paper, it's a rip-LITERALLY! You wrap something, and it just gets torn apart and you pay so much for that stinkin' paper! Larry came over to me when we were all at Target and said "hey you want some wrapping paper?" (at this moment I only had one roll at home, but it was a big roll!) I didn't really want any UNTIL he told me how cheap it was! Then I went sort of nuts! We probably bought 15-20 rolls. Then the next day, I went out with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (Tammy) and we hit all the Walgreens and CVS stores and I really went NUTS! Let's just say our drive back to Virginia was hilarious with all the wrapping paper in the back window and with my dog who kept looking at it for 15 hours as if it was going to attack her.

I have to give credit where credit is due, first to Larry for letting me get all this wrapping paper-don't ever buy paper full price unless you absolutely have to, and second to Larry's mom and sister-they have done this for years and I hate I missed out on all those deals before I met Larry! But! that's o.k. I'll make up for time lost!

I never paid over $1.25 (most of it was 50-75 cents-where's the cents sign on my keyboard??) for any of it! I think I'm set for a while! Larry created a monster!