Old Navy on Heart Day

My sister-in-law called me today after going to Old Navy and told me that I should go and try (even though I didn't have kids) to get the $5 after coloring a V-day card deal. She said they weren't very strict on the whole one per kid thing. So when Larry got home, we ran over there. I asked a worker and she gave us one each. Well, that wasn't good enough for me cause my sister-in-law got over 20! So we sat down at the table and started coloring,I grabbed 7 more and colored a little then went shopping! Larry got 6 pairs of pants for $6!!!! I got 6 shirts for $32! Larry got a better deal because the mens and kids clothes were 50% on top of the sale price.

Here's is my sweet Larry coloring for my good deals!

And good deals I got!!

Total savings of $45 alone just from these V-day cards

Here's my handsome Valentine's date-he took me to Sweetwater-oh so good!