Deal Day Changed to Saturday....

I decided to change my deal day to Saturday for this week because I wanted to get the house cleaned. I haven't cleaned it really good for 2 weeks and it has been K-I-L-L-I-N-G me!!! I couldn't take it anymore! So Larry's painting and I'm cleaning, doing laundry and checking the mail for more coupons-blah! didn't get any!

Thought I would posts a couple of pictures though!

I just wanted to show you what my dog does EVERY single time she get's to go for her walk. She does this funky dance! If only I could get it on video! I might just do that one day, it's so much more funnier when you see it in person or video.

You know what this is? It's her nice, comfortable(NOT)leash! She has a problem with walking ME instead of ME walking HER! So this leash helps her enormously not to pull me every time we go walking (her walk is really her pooping-it's not really this nice casual walk, just to clear that up!)It's looks like it really hurts, but I don't think it hurts, it's just a little reminder not to pull! Sometimes she has a problem with obedience. (LOL!) Notice in the background on the wall the white spot where there is supposed to be GREEN, that's where she chewed her way out of the kitchen when we had a baby gate there keeping her in the there during the day. She's no dummy!!

Need some chairs? We currently have 107 chairs in our living room as we speak! They were the church's and they got new ones so we took them off of their hands and are selling them for the church. Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell them on my blog, just thought it was funny to show you. Although it's killing me cause I'm not a clutter person and I'm not crazy about having 107 different places to sit in my house, it's o.k. I can handle it for a little while!


The Wagner Family said...

If you're serious about getting rid of chairs, save about 10 for us. Love ya!