It Wouldn't Be Me!

It wouldn't be me if I didn't post anything today about food, it's been a few days! Remember the cake I was talking about that we had with the Blue Bell ice cream? Well, here's the cake. We had actually bought 2 of them for ourselves back when we got the ones for the banquet. So I went downstairs and couldn't resist.... this isn't all I had either! I guess that'll be my dinner! I have left overs for Larry! OH YUM!! I'm sure he can't wait-they're definitely not his favorite but I'm working on him! Isn't lasagna always better the next day or 10 after? Just kidding, it's only from Wednesday!

AND!!!!!!!!!! Do you see this!!! Can you believe it? Well, you probably don't care but I do!!! Look how many drinks I have left and I'm going into my forth week of one per day! Poor Larry, he doesn't have many left to stretch! Good thing I found a coupon off of Dr. Peppers! And can you believe that I have not even had one TODAY at all??? I haven't really craved one, now I missed 2 dark chocolate pieces but I made up for that when I got home. I guess once I have this DDP thing down my next thing to give up is chocolate! I'm not in no big hurry though!