Our Fridays and More Donuts

Every Monday Larry and I look forward to our Fridays, not because we want to hurry up the week to get to the weekend, it's because we have Friday afternoons off! It's great. It started this past August that we would leave every Friday at noon. We really have to work at getting out of the office by then because we have a lot to get ready for the services on Sunday but most of the time we at least get out by 1:00! We always go out on a lunch date-usually to Wegmans. Now, a lot of people don't know what Wegmans is-that's o.k. it's not a southern thing so I didn't grow up around a Wegmans. Let me introduce it to you. Believe it or not, it's a grocery store. But! It's not just any grocery store, it's this incredible grocery store that has a cafeteria style type restaurant to it with every kind of food in the world you can imagine. (excepts donuts!) But it's really a great nice little quaint place to eat and the grocery store is humongous! I don't shop there really because I can get my food a lot cheaper at Wal-Mart but it's definitely a fun place to go! I hate paying a lot for my food, I shop as cheap as possible for our food so we can put our money towards something more worth it... like clothes!! LOL! So that's what our Fridays consist of. We will probably hit the gym this afternoon too since we haven't been in a long time! I was supposed to go every day when Larry was gone but ummmmm... I went one day! Does that count?? Fridays (after 12:00 p.m.) are perfect to me because it's my date time with Larry and we do have so much fun together!

O.k and my last thing, I know I have written several too many times about the Fractured Prune but last night we went to get a gift card for a friend and thought that we would get us a half dozen. Well, it was 45 minutes before they closed and the girl told us she would give us a dozen for the price of a half dozen since she had all this extra dough. Well, my reaction was definitely "SURE!!!!!!!!!!" That's a dream come true for me! So then, she said "Well, I may throw in a few more if I have extra on top of that!" Oh my WORD! My mouth is watering at this point, and I still have to eat my Subway sandwich before I dig into the donuts. When she was all done, we got 22 donuts for the price of 6! From now on, since I don't like paying a lot for my food, I will be going at night time, right before closing to get this deal. Hey, she offered anytime she was there working that she would do it, she hated wasting dough and I hated her having to waste dough! Works perfectly. I promise not to write again about this place for at least a month if I can stand it!

By the way, I ate only three last night... maybe it should be "drop the donuts" instead of "drop the M&Ms"

P.S. Look over at my blog list, Kelly & Scott were able to bring sweet little Harper home last night! I don't even know them personally but I tear up every time she writes about how God saved their little girl!


Jeremy and Heidi said...

Hey Kara,
Yep, we are friends with Julie. She and my husband grew up at the same church down in GA. We live in Lorton which is probably not TOO far from you guys but we're moving in a few weeks further south to Chespeake. My hubby is military and getting new orders.
I've been reading your blog for a little while...Julie introduced me to you once at school, so I recognized you on her links. Your blog cracks me up...and I really want to know how you can eat all those doughnuts and stay so THIN??
Enjoy it now cuz after the babies your metabolism DIES!!!! :) haha!
Have a great day and keep in touch!