What's My Hobby??

I have often been asked the question "what hobbies do you have?" Good Question! The answer I always give is SHOPPING-definitely! and Eating sweets. But I don't really have a normal hobby, I don't really have TIME for a hobby. I have thought of a couple of hobbies I would like to have when I start staying home-down the road a ways but I have thought about photography-too expensive, making jewelry-overwhelming, Scrapbooking-EXTREMELY OVERWHELMING and by that I mean there is so much out there to do Scrapbooking with that I get overwhelmed in choosing what to use for this page and that page to make it look very CUTE, or reviving my piano skills-I still might try that one eventually.

So the two hobbies I have decided I would love to start doing when I stay home is making hair bows and the other one I'm going to wait until after this weekend to reveal. I'm going to try and make one before I say if I'm going to officially make it my hobby... are you anxious to know what it is? Don't be too anxious, I don't know how it'll turn out and I found it through someone else's blog, so it's nothing someone hasn't already made!

I would love love love to make hair bows because growing up my mom did and I loved them! She and a friend would make them all the time, I always had a bow in my hair to match my outfit(notice the picture below)! If I ever have a girl and I'm thinking my chances are pretty high considering all the girls on Larry's side of the family, I want to stick a bow in her hair the second she is born, don't worry about cutting the umbilical cord first, give the girl a bow! We are prissy prissy girls! (Now watch me have all boys)


The Chapman Family said...

I make bows as my hobby! :)