Just Take a Hammer to It!

Buying a new car was such a privilege for me. Last summer we were car hunting, we were just needing something a little bigger than my little civic I had since my senior year of high school (which I loved, it was in mint condition!Thank you mom and dad!)I'm not going to repeat the whole story since I wrote about it back in the summer when we got it. But Larry bought me a brand new Honda Accord (I was so surprised) which has always been my dream car! I know, crazy, I wasn't expecting some sporty car or anything fancy like that but I love Hondas and it's a GREAT family car.

Well, one week after we had gotten it we were walking out of Costco and noticed a shopping cart in the side of Larry's door. My heart sank. He pulled the cart away and looked and didn't notice anything. Then Larry's sister (Jenny-his parents and sister were down visiting) said to me that there was a ding in it. I went around and looked and sure enough, there it was. It killed both of us! So we took it in the next week and got it taken out and had door molding put on it and now we park 10 miles away from everyone and everything wherever we go.

This morning, I dropped Larry off for his 7:30 meeting and ran to Kinko's to pick up some copies for his second meeting later in the morning. As I got out of the car, I noticed something that looked a little more than just dirt. This is what I saw....

I was distraught-can I tell you how distraught I was? After I got back with the copies I walked up to my office door and tried to unlock it with my remote key thinger-that's messed up in the head! But at the same time, I was so thankful. It was on our door molding which is why we had it put on, to protect the doors. I'm convinced, his door is cursed. Did you notice the GREEN paint? Our neighbor has a friend that comes over all the time with big honkin' doors and she has a green car and parks it right beside ours all the time. So, we're guessing it was probably hers, but it's o.k. we'll get over it.

Someone told me that they knew someone that bought a new car and when he went in to buy it, he brought a hammer and after buying it, he took the hammer to his car and put a big ding in it. Someone asked him why he did that, he said "Well, it was going to happen sooner or later, so I just went ahead and did it myself"

That's so true. The worst part about buying a new car is trying to keep it perfect (at least if you don't have kids-I still have a couple of more years)but it normally doesn't stay that way long!

Do you like my plates??


Jessica said...

i was like none accord? huh? what? haha IN ONE Accord. I see! cute!