My SILs Results From Her Old Navy Shopping Trip

"Oh my word we got so much stuff its not even funny...We went back to Millena and I used 20 more cards and out of those 9 of the things were FREE!!!! If I would have known how many coupons I would have gotten I would have got more stuff. We were checking out at 9:04 so they were not to happy with us. Once we got to the car I realized I had 12 more coupons we didn't get to use:( I will have to add it all up and see how many I used. I know at FL Mall I used 23 because she took off $115 from my total and there I spent $61.00. I got Colt a whole new wardrobe for the summer and some fall stuff. I got 15 things for me (I think) I got 8 pairs of PJs for the kids and they were all FREE!!!! I was able to get them all matching ones for next Christmas. I also got 7 or 8 bracelets and they were all FREE!!!! CRAZY!!! I told mom I was so happy the sale ended sat because I was so tired but if it went on on Sunday I would have had to go do some more shopping."

I'm so jealous Tammy, you did way better than me! Maybe next year you can come here and we'll do more damage together!