Tina Girl

This is my really good friend Tina from church. I love her to death!! She and her husband are so much fun to be around! We always have a blast when we're together whether it's at gun shows (I'm from NC, what do you expect!), out to eat or here at church. Her husband also went to Japan on the missions trip so we took advantage of girl days out and had a blast when they were gone.

We have a pact: any time we make a new dessert, we always save some for each other to taste and anytime we go to the Fractured Prune, we always bring one (or two or three...) back for each other. So this morning, I had two donuts... I'm in HEAVEN right now, I'll be back in a while.


Anonymous said...

Well - like I was saying - about the pact - it all depends if someone isn't tempted to eat the treat before they deliver it to their best friend - right Kara!