To Update on a Few Things....

Update #1 Just to update on a few things, Mrs. Pittman is here today teaching! She was able to come home from the hospital last Tuesday was able to come to church yesterday and to work today. Thank you so much for praying. She's looks great! They only had to take the front part of her foot and it's healing really well.

Update #2 The DDP one a day thing is going FABULOUS! I never thought I could do it but there's just one problem, I have switched my habit in the meantime and it can't be good...

You know that bag of Dove chocolate I got at CVS I mentioned in my previous post? Here are the remains. Half of it's already gone, yesterday I finished another bag at lunch that Tina gave me the night before... and again, no I'm not pregnant, just CRAZY about sugar. The nice thing to see is that I still have loads of DDP left in my fridge! (Larry's down to only 6 DP and I told him this morning he has 12 days left to stretch! I'm not sure he'll last but I give him credit, he only bought half of what I got at Costco when we piled up!)

Update #3 I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago about a hobby that I wanted to try before posting, I have tried it but I want to work at it before I show you... so what I'm trying to say is my first one stunk, Larry came in and looked at it funny and that's all he needed to do to show me that I still needed to work on it before I posted it and embarrassed myself! He's honest (yet sweet about it) and that's what I like!

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading everyone's blog and keeping up with you-it's really neat to keep up with those that I have grown up with and went to high school with! Jessica, who would have ever thought that you would be a mom of three before I'm even a mom of one? You can keep it up, you pop out another one, you'll be four ahead of me! Kellan, congratulations to you! I can't wait to see what you're going to have, I'm guessing a girl-but who knows! Soon you will! Sarah, it was good to see you several months back at my church, I was shocked when I saw you walk in! Congratulations on your second one on the way! And to my Julie, I'm so proud of you and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate our friendship! I was so glad to have met little Morgan at Christmas and can't wait to see how the Lord continues to bless you!!