A Dog's World

Sedona has not been herself the past couple of days. Normally when we come home, she goes crazy, even if we're gone for 10 minutes and come back, you would have thought we were gone the whole day! Sunday we came home and she wasn't that excited, I don't know maybe we're getting old to her. So it really bothered me-you might as well shoot me if something happens to my dog! Even Larry noticed it and I could tell he noticed it. You know how sometimes our husbands have to be strong for us since we can sometimes be basket cases? (well, I can anyways!) I could tell, he was trying to get her wild like normal over and over (I think it was bothering him too, but he didn't want to say :), but she just wasn't all there.

Sedona has a disease called "Erlikia." She got it from a tick bite before we got her and she tested positive for it. We have done research on it and it's kind of a weird thing. They can run a fever, start having pain in the legs and arms and so on. But she has never shown any signs of it. There are types A & B and I'm not even sure which she has. One type goes away, and the other doesn't. But I don't think it's something they die from thankfully! So I just guessed that this disease was acting up or her stomach was bothering her. Whichever it was, I think it's finally gone. Last night she hung outside with Larry and ate some grass so it must have been her stomach-weird how animals do that. Now's she almost back to herself. Last night when I came home she was WAY excited to see me and Larry had been home the whole time with her. That's the Sedona I know! She went nuts! Who knows what goes on in their own little world.

This was taken a while ago, but I just love it! She definitely has personality!