Early Edition...

Here's my early Deal Day edition. Larry was gone all day with school competition so I went and did my grocery shopping this afternoon.

#1 Bloom: Triple Coupon Days!

1 large bag of Chex Mix
2 boxes of Ziploc bags
3-6 packs of yogurt
1 bag of halls
2 packets of cookie mix
2 boxes of toaster strudels
1 can of green beans
2 cans of icing
1 pack of gum
2 boxes of Asia noodles
2 bags of pasta

Total Saved: $37.21
Total Spent: $7.39 on 19 items!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not a name brand shopper snob but if its cheaper with a triple coupon than the cheapest regular priced item, I'm all about it!

#2 Target:

If you by 5 Quaker products, you get a $5 gift card
I bought 5, had a $1 coupon for each item then bought the soft scrub with my gift card with overage left to spend the next trip!

Total Spent: $7.69 ($1.85 gift card left)
Total Saved $12.25