It's Girl's Night Out!

Every other month all the ladies in our church get together and go out to eat. Tonight we are going to On the Border. I live pretty close to one but have never been. I LOVE ladies' night out! It's such a great opportunity to get to know ladies in the church that I don't know as well as others!

Loretta, I'm glad you're coming tonight, I know we'll have some good laughs!

After I go there, I'm going to swing by Target & CVS to pick up a few GOOD DEALS! I got my coupons in order last night so all I had to do was go in an pick it up! If I have to go in and think, I stand there like a COMPLETE IDIOT and that's embarrassing too. My mind isn't as quick as other's let's just say!

Is anyone out there as confused as I am about what to wear when it's in the 60's? I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE this weather but I kind of don't know how to take it with my wardrobe! I mean short sleeves and boots don't seem to make sense!