He's the MAN!!!!

Look who made it to the FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!! Can I just tell you who I have making it to the championship on my bracket? Michigan State & UNC!!!!! I was a nervous wreck last night!! They were playing during cantata practice and I couldn't watch it. It started right when I went into practice and ended right in the middle of church! Larry pulled it up on his computer in his office live so we could run in and out between practice and church. Right after church was over I asked Larry who won but he didn't have his phone on him to check. Then I saw someone else looking at their iphone, so I went over to him and asked "Who won?" He had no idea what I was talking about! I mean isn't everyone a UNC fan? I guess not! I was too nervous to run into Larry's office to check. So after he was done talking, we went in and saw they won by 12... ahhhhhh! Big relief!

If they make it to the Championship, I definitely need to get me a new UNC shirt to wear for the game or a hat or something. I'm not the hat type but I'll wear it to chear on my team!