Shopping & Shoes...

I promise, I haven't gone anywhere, I know I usually post every day and I am trying to get back to that but every night has been a late night so I haven't been able to post. I did get to go to Harris Teeter and get a few things with triple coupons:

1 box of super pretzels
3 sticks of deodorant
1 can of icing
1 bag of noodles
1 box of noodles
1 pizza
cough drops

Total spent:$4.50
Saved: $21.00!!!

As I was shopping, I saw this great big pile of coupons... I gasped as if I just saw a huge cake to dive into and chow down on! So I pulled them all into my cart and went on, I didn't end up using any because the date was March 31st and they didn't really give me any good deals so I gave them to the guy at the register to throw away.

Larry asked me yesterday if I feel like an old woman going into the stores with all of my coupons. I said "no" but if I look like one, oh well, all I know is I'm saving money!!! I did snap this picture really fast though when no one was around!

Now onto shoes, as I have mentioned in the past, I love shoes. I think I get it from my Nana because growing up I always spent time with her and she has tons of shoes, which is great! I loved it and I took on that character trait of my Nana's along with many others! I have "wittle bitty" feet and to my advantage I can go to the little girls department and shop in their shoes. I just had to show you these, I got these at Target and the best thing about them, instead of a buckle, it's velcro strap! Gotta love that!


T said...

Girl I love the shoes. I have finally figured out how to leave a comment. Slow and steady.


Jeremy and Heidi said...

Nice shoes. :) To answer your question...we have a two-yr. lease with the house right now. We are thinking about having another baby sometime within the next couple years (MAYBE!) and want to see if a bigger house in this neighborhood will be available by then. If not...we love this place, so we'll try to stay for the whole four yrs. we'll be in NC if the owner lets us renew. :)