It's Official!

As of this afternoon, our church is the owners of 32 acres of land in Ashburn, Virginia. Can I say how excited I am??? When I came here over 3 years ago, they were looking at a different piece of property and we came so close to buying it but didn't. Now... I know why. The Lord had this specific piece for us that we can do WAY SO MUCH more on. We have so many opportunities with this land it's incredible. God is good. Just when I thought my job was busy, it's about to get busier. The land is having to get rezoned and that's a very long process but we'll wait!

I hope everyone's weekend was great, I didn't do any deal shopping this weekend. Just shopped for 5 hours for a Easter dress and came home with NOTHING! I don't know, maybe it's just me but every single Easter I have the hardest time finding a dress, I think because it has to be perfect, who knows! I'll try again this weekend! I did come home and shop online and I think I may have found one but I want to try H&M first then I'll give in to this one. It was easy for Larry cause he already bought his suit a few weeks ago and he just needed to pick out a tie. It's so easy for guys!