Summer Vacation Coming Up!

It's that time of year again. Don't you love it when it starts getting nice and warm (for those of you who live with the season change) and you just get the urge to pull up plane tickets and see what it cost to fly to the Bahamas or Hawaii for a week? Every single time I see that commercial on the Bahamas with the song that sounds so pretty to me for some reason "It's better in the Bahamas" (AND I BELIEVE IT!) I ask Larry so when are we going? I have been there on a missions trip and Larry actually lived there for a while working in a church. I WANT TO GO FOR VACATION!

My husband's philosophy on vacation is to go somewhere nice, get away from everything and everyone you know-spend the money and enjoy it. For our honeymoon I thought we were going to the Bahamas, it was all a surprise until we got there and how he pulled it off I don't know because I figure out every surprise! He took me to Sedona, AZ (which is where we got our dog's name from) and I loved it! I had never been out west before and it was BEAUTIFUL! We stayed in a GORGEOUS house with a pool and hot tub the whole week and it was out of this world! Larry has promised that we will take our big one to Hawaii the summer before we start having kids (let's face it, before I blow up like a beached whale cuz I know I won't look half as good as Tammy & Kellan!).

So every year, I love when it's time to plan for vacation. This year though since we are really trying to save money, I'm begging him to just stay down in Orlando since we'll be there for a friend's wedding and stay with his parents and maybe go to one of the little island places around there for a couple of days! We have free tickets we didn't use at Christmas to go to Disney. Honestly, it would be a vacation to me just shopping the whole week with Tammy!

Here's a few pictures from our first vacation, our second one I forgot my camera. We went back to Sedona, AZ and hiked the Grand Canyon on our first anniversary almost 2 years ago. Every year since our honeymoon we have been able to be gone our our anniversary but that won't work out this year which is fine with me.

Some people cheated and flew down to the bottom but not us!

My video camera he got me for our anniversary! I was dying for one!

Fall's #1 Mooney Falls

Falls' #2 Havasu Falls-this was worth so hiking down for!

I never thought I would "hike" anywhere! I not the outdoors type

Colorado River

My FAVORITE ice cream place in Sedona