Back From the Dead...

Yesterday we decided to take our half day instead of Friday since neither one of us were any good mentally here at work. So we finally got out about 1:00, grabbed some Taco Bell and went home and slept until 6:00 last night. Let me rephrase that, Larry slept until 6:00, I slept until 5:00 then woke up thinking about my nasty kitchen that hadn't been cleaned in two weeks! I started digging through my dirty dishes in my sink and found mold!!!! GROSS! I have never done that before but I honestly didn't feel guilty about it. So I got laundry washed, my floor washed, my dishes cleaned and my kitchen wiped down. It was a good feeling. Now I just have to conquer the rest of the house, day by day right?

I came out of the past two weeks with a cold and I NEVER GET SICK! But something has got a hold of me and won't let go! I will go ahead and confess, I have had more than one DDP every day recently. I needed it to relieve "stress", I know... bad excuse.

Has anyone noticed how cheap Hawaii tickets are right now? My husband pointed that out to me yesterday... so can you guess what I was doing after my kitchen was cleaned last night? Laying on nice clean sheets looking at houses in Hawaii!!

Now that I'm back to my normal life, I'm dreading getting back into the exercising routine. Don't get me wrong, I missed my elliptical but it's always hard having to jump back into exercising-especially since I have been eating like a pig this week!