If I Could Have a Dollar...

for every time I yawned this week, I would have a whole new wardrobe that would last for eternity! I honestly can't stop yawning!

This was Larry and I's first time being in charge of our Missions Conference, in the past we have helped but the person that was in charge of it is no longer here. So we knew what all was supposed to happen but when you're the one in charge, that changes things! I love our Missions Conference, it's really the highlight of our year here at Temple.

A little background for you-Pastor's son is a missionary in Uganda, Africa and they have two small children. We have a total of 7 different families that have been called out of our church to go to the mission field. It's such a great thing, you do not hear of that often. Our church is very missions minded.

Last night was the last service and afterward we have an "International Dinner" where we have 20 tables set up with each being a different country with their food on it. Can you imagine my excitement with going to 20 different tables with FOOD on it?? Then we have a table set up for each missionary family that we invited to the conference with gifts on it. We were able to give them the things that they needed or just wanted which is so fun to watch them open and get so excited about! There is so much more I could tell you about the conference but I don't have enough room to type it all!

Here are some pictures from last night, Pastor's grandchildren and daughter-in-law flew in from Uganda to help Mrs. Pittman for the summer time and I just LOVE THOSE KIDS! They are the best kids I have ever known! They are so sweet!


The Vernon's said...

Very cute pictures! You look adorable! Will you send me your address? I'm not sure when the shower is, but if you can come I'd would absolutely love it! And if not, I'd still like for you to have an invitation! I hope you're doing well! Love ya!!