Being Good Again...

I have to admit, it was nice these past two weeks not really cooking or going to the grocery store and trying to find all these coupons to get good deals! I kind of enjoyed going back to the old lifestyle of eating out and not cleaning my house! Not really, I didn't have the lifestyle of not cleaning my house-I promise! I told Larry that I wouldn't jump right back into the couponing thing this week but I would take it slow and get my house back in order before I made a mess out of paper everywhere. So honestly, I haven't opened one of the blogs on the sidebar that have anything to do with coupons in over two weeks. So I'm not sure how I'm going to get myself motivated. It's kind of like a diet, you hate being on one but once you've done good for a few days, it's easy to be good but once you take that one bite of a doughnut or candy bar and decide to finish it, you feel like you have ruined it for the day so just be bad for that day only and start being good again tomorrow but it becomes 2-4 weeks before you can be that good again? Can you tell I've been there before? I know what you're thinking and I hear it over and over and over, "she doesn't need to be on a diet!" Well, my problem isn't that I eat too much food all the time, it's that I eat too much sugar all the time. I have no problem with fries, hamburgers etc., it's the sugar that my mouth craves day by day. People tell me all the time that they're surprised I haven't become a diabetic... can that really happen? Should I be afraid? I have also heard that sugar causes wrinkles, and if it does, I'm going to be one old wrinkled hag sooner than later! Cuz I can't give up my sugar!Just so you know, when we all get taken up in the rapture, I will be in charge of the dessert department and I vow to serve you the best dessert ever!

Okay, that's all for today... now I'm going to go and enjoy some lemon cake with whip cream on top! LOL! Larry may be calling up The Biggest Loser behind my back before I know it!