Papua What???

Did you ever watch that TV show growing up called "Mr. Cooper?" I LOVED THAT SHOW! I think the reruns still come on often but I've never caught them. But I remember one time I was watching it and I think it was one of the last one's where Vanessa is getting engaged and the guy wanted to get married and go be a doctor in Papua New Guinea. That was the first time I had ever heard of that place and honestly I thought it wasn't a real place UNTIL I got a little older and learned more geography!

This past January Larry went to Okinawa Japan for their construction missions trip and guess where he's going this coming January? You got it! Papua New Guinea! They will be helping the Allen family build a hanger for his airplane. We think sometimes we have it rough here in the US, go to their website and check out their ministry It's quite humbling! They were one of our 4 families we had here for missions conference.

Just a quick thing, they have to go and get their groceries every three months because it costs them $1200 to fly and get them each time. Can you imagine having to get 3 months worth of groceries every time you went? Plus adding $1200 to your grocery bill? I am so grateful that I have a grocery store RIGHT BEHIND MY HOUSE and can get groceries anytime I need them!

This family is really special to Larry and I. I went to college with Matt's brother, Ben and our sophomore year he drowned. I remember seeing Matt and his family at PCC attending the special service they had for Ben and have often thought about them.