From Cold to Hot too Fast!

Larry working on his chain saw (he has no clue I'm taking this!)

It seems like it got HOT really fast this time around. Normally we have some nice cooler/warmer days but today it got really warm! Tomorrow I think it's supposed to be in the upper 80s! Yikes! So I decided to put all my winter clothes and shoes up and pull out the summer ones. It seems like I was just putting away my summer clothes! Boy time is flying! We'll be in Florida before you know it!

I was just glad to get my house cleaned today, the dog bathed, and the cars washed (that was Larry's job). I finally motivated myself to jump on the elliptical while watching Alias. Although, a weird thing, I have ABSOLUTELY NO ENERGY at all today! I'm really having to push myself!

The only thing I do not like about summer is my feet always swell if I stay on them for any amount of time. Maybe that's why my family has always called them Flintstone feet! Or maybe it's just because I have fat feet!

Ohhhhh! I hear the ice cream man coming around to my house!