I Can't Be the Only One!

Today I saw on one of the blogs that KFC was giving a free piece of their new grilled chicken away. So I thought "Oh, I'd like to try that!" I was thinking a nice normal size piece of grilled chicken breast. So tonight I drove up to the drive thru and ordered my free piece of chicken and I thought I would get a side of mashed potatoes. The guy said it would take 20 minutes. I said "what?!!! 20 minutes?" So I still ordered it and he said the mashed potatoes were "on the house" since I was having to wait 20 minutes. Honestly I just ordered them because I felt cheap driving away with just a free piece of chicken. Boy I was happy about my "free meal." I drove up to the window and he said "$4.21." I said "oh, I thought it was free. " I then became embarrassingly cheap, he said "you get a 3 piece meal and one of the pieces are free." OH my stinking word! Now whose the one being cheap here! I mean come on! I wouldn't give in, I said I just wanted one piece thinking it was exactly what was shown in the picture on the board. So I left, ran home, dropped off some groceries and came back (KFC is literally around the corner from my house and no I DO NOT EAT THERE OFTEN!) So 20 minutes later, I came back through the drive thru (still a bit embarrassed) but I thought, I'm being a good wife, my husband's going to have a nice little "free" snack for when he comes home from his softball game tonight....

And this my friend, is what I got (Loretta stop laughing!). No wonder he grinned as he gave me the bag!

Now I'm just wondering if I should save myself from being mocked and made fun of and not even tell Larry but I'm sure he would enjoy it-that is the laughing and mocking, not the chicken because THERE'S NOTHING THERE TO TASTE!

I couldn't have been the only one in America that made this mistake today... I just probably was the only one that didn't give in and pay for the other two pieces!

Onto better and sweeter things! I think my mom told me about this but have you ever made rice krispi treats out of cheerios? I guess you would call them cheerio treats??? Anyways, cheerios help bring down cholesterol and since Larry has high cholesterol I try to get him to eat cheerios. For a while he did great at it but the taste of them got old. So I decided to make him some cheerio treats and the only difference is you use cheerios instead of rice krispi treats! I usually don't use much cheerios as much as it calls for because I like more marshmallow-y taste! I have so many boxes of honey nut cheerios from all these deals I gotta do something with them!

So today was a bit busy, I'm just now getting to posting! We have our mother/daughter banquet this weekend and I'm getting stuff together with that. I'll show you the finished product hopefully by Friday!


Jeremy and Heidi said...

You go girl!!! You stick to your guns...if they say the chicken is FREE then darn it, it should be FREE!!!! That is such deceitful advertising. (I would've gone to get some free chicken too if we actually had one within 30 miles! It does look yummy...and more healthy.)