I've Been Hiding...

from all this nasty pollen! I have never had a reaction to it like this before! Last night I didn't sleep well between me coughing and the dog pacing back and forth for some odd reason! I have been sneezing my head off these past couple of days but thankfully it rained yesterday which should have helped some to get rid of a lot of this nasty yellow stuff! I can't tell if it's a mixture of a cold and pollen or what! Larry's just been perfectly fine with it all and I just keep sneezing and blowing my nose which I absolutely think is gross!

This is how my day has gone so far: This morning I filled in for a K4 teacher who was out sick until her replacement came in (I told our principal my calling definitely wasn't teaching!), afterward I went down to Bible study and left that to go and pick up a few items I needed for the banquet, then ran over to eat-while they were cooking the food I ran over to the mall to drop off some items to get engraved, after that ran back and ate, drove back here and heard a baby crying in the nursery (we had sitters while all of us in Bible ladies went out to eat Japanese! Oh YUM!) so I went in there to try and get him settled down which he just needed to burp then ran down to the school office to sit the desk until 3:30! It was a busy morning! It keeps me on my toes and I love it!!!

I'm still working on decor for this weekend. I even had my brother stopping at two Michael's to pick up tons of garland for me! I've been spray painting and just have been having a blast doing this! I love decorating and being creative (as creative as I can be!) but it gets challenging with all the normal duties of the day!

Well, that's about it for the update! I'll be back later!