Back to Life!

Okay, I think it was a simple 24 hour thing, now I'm back to normal... as normal can be.

Last night my fever finally went away completely without having to take anything I decided to clean the whole house and wash the dog. She looked at me as if I was crazy washing for her in the middle of the week! Of course I was still contagious (assuming) so I didn't go to church but I had laid around all day and couldn't take it anymore! I'm not one to just sit around! I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I stay home full time! Maybe take care of babies... I know I know, all you mothers out there say it's more than a full time job as Dr. Phil said yesterday, it's a 24 hour job and I definitely believe it! I have to always be doing something. I'm definitely not a napper, the only reason I take Sunday afternoon naps is because I married Larry and for him it was a requirement!

I won this on Ebay yesterday for $9.50 including shipping. I needed to get a cosmetic bag that was long enough for my brushes and stuff. I actually ended up with two of these! Oooops! I'll just sell the other one.