Gimme Some Bonefish!

This week we changed our days off around a little bit so tomorrow we are having to work a full day. Normally we go on a lunch date so I thought since we couldn't do that we could do a date tonight...even though we did do a lunch date on Monday. Oh well, you can never date too much-enjoy it while no kids right?! So I thought of our favorite place Bonefish Grill! Have you ever been there? Oh it's my favorite! Bang Bang Shrimp tacos! If you ever go, you can get either Bang Bang Shrimp as an appetizer or in tacos. You may not have one where you live but I know they have them here and in Florida! We took Larry's parents there last time we were there and I've never had anything that I didn't like. Okay, maybe one thing.The Diablo Pasta-WAY TO HOT TO EVEN ENJOY EATING! And I'm one that really wants to enjoy my food as I scarf it down!