Dogger's New Car Seat!

Sedona now has her own Honda made leather car seat. Not many dogs get this privilege but when their owner super glues their pants to it and then rips a hole in it, they get the hand-me-down.

Larry finally got our new seat in today and my car is back to normal.... for now.

I think she's sitting there showing off her new seat while laughing at Larry having to put in the new one... what do you think?

Now off to Target to pick up a few things and my chocolate bars.
(Tammy I hope I'm hoping to get several of these)

Oh!! I almost forgot to post the damage! Now that I have worked through my bitterness. I really don't think it's that bad but every time you got in the car, there it was and I couldn't stand it, it tore my heart into pieces (not really but sorta kinda)