I Married Into...

A GREAT BIG family and I love that! Growing up it was just my older brother and I which was perfectly fine so I wasn't use to lots of kids. When Larry and I met, he told me there were lots of kids but I didn't realize how many until I spent our first Thanksgiving there! Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved Christmas time because that's when EVERYBODY got together. I love a room full of people-especially those you love most. So Larry has 4 brothers and sisters and they all have children except for us but we'll get there one day.... later.

You see the reason I'm waiting is because I want them all to be done having kids so that I can have all of the hand-me-downs and I won't ever have to pay for anything except for diapers! Ha! Yea right, you actually think I'm not going to go shopping for my kids? Today I went into Osh Kosh and just looked at kids clothes (for the nieces and nephews) while Larry was in another store and honestly, I will have to hold myself back when it comes time to shop for my own kids. I love baby and kids clothes.

Back to what I posted about. Here's the breakdown:

Barry has 3 boys
Danny has two boys and one girl
Jenny has 3 boys and two girls and many more to come... :)
Tammy has 2 boys and almost 2 girls
Larry has... none but maybe one day 3-4-we'll see how the first one goes-if I blow up like a blimp, that number will definitely be reconsidered!

That comes to a total of 15 grandkids!! We're trying to make it to 20 but Larry and I cannot do that alone so we shall see!

I have pictures of each family except for Barry.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Larry's side of the family.

Now! Here's my side....

We're pretty small but we're pretty happy! It'll expand soon!


Jeremy and Heidi said...

Wow...I am cracking up cuz Larry looks SO much like your Dad!!! (well...maybe he doesn't in person?) That is so cool...they say you marry someone like your Dad, right? Beautiful families! (And you SHOULD contribute to the grandkids soon...Jesus is comin' back, girl!!!) haha! :P

T said...

Hey well I think it would have been funny to hear that you married into a crazy family which is pretty true but since you are coming to visit us in a few weeks I guess you have to be nice..ha.

ps Bre fixed my orange hair, thank goodness.