For Braelyn...

Several months back I mentioned that I wanted to start a hobby but didn't reveal what it was going to be because I wasn't sure how it would turn out. After trying two smaller canvases, I wasn't pleased with how they turned out. So I put it aside for a little while since things got crazy around here then I decided to pick it back up this past week. It is my first official one and boy do they take time but I had fun doing it! I thought this would be the perfect week to "unveil" it!

This one of for my niece Braelyn who will make her appearance any day now and I'll get to see her in a couple of weeks!

My next one is going to be purple (ahem....someone I know who is decorating their baby's room that color!!) but I'm still trying to figure out the design.

Tomorrow's post title: "It'll Never Happen to Me!"


The Chapman Family said...

LOL! I was sitting here reading, and I was like ohhh how sweet of Kara to make Braelyn something, I'll have to email her our address so she can send it... and then you put that its for your NIECE! how funny is that! Love the name??? How'd they come up with it?

T said...

Okay I am calling you tomorrow but I love love love the sign. Braelyn is going to love it. I think you are in the favorite Aunt spot right now. Don't tell anyone...hahaha