My Brother Works for the President...

Kenneth in uniform

As I write these, I can't remember if I have mentioned these things in past blogs and if I have ooops, I'll just expound on them this week if so!

This is my brother, Kenneth who is 2 years older than me. Everyone here thinks I'm older, I guess maybe since I'm married. He works at the White House in the Haz Mat department! He has been there for almost two years and LOVES IT! I think it's cool to say that my brother works at the White House... I'm very proud of him!

We have done the White House tour and all that fun stuff a couple of years back. Believe it or not, the Eisenhower building is more impressive than the White House, but the White House is cool!

Pics from our tour a while back (and my parent's tour in January)

Pics of the Eisenhower building

This was one last group picture before President Bush (front center) left... so sad! Kenneth's in the middle.

I tried on his uniform and hat... I told Larry I looked like the guy in Dumb and Dumber!! LOL

This is one of the official White House Christmas cards they give out to their staff...

Tomorrow's post title: "For Braelyn"